Spreading the love and healing power of Skateboarding

Nations Skate Youth acknowledges that Indigenous youth across Turtle Island are the future leaders. By taking the time to listen we can all learn so much and consistently be inspired by them.

Some outcomes of what Nations wants to achieve after their workshops: 

  • Seeing youth being proud to share the importance of learning their language, culture and traditions and connecting with other youth to talk about it. 
  • Having youth see the positive benefits in building togetherness, having feelings of belonging and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Plant seeds of inspiration all across Turtle Island to show youth how important community and leadership is at a young age.
  • To create a safe space for creativity and a way for the youth to express themselves.

Skateboarding is all about self expression, you can skate your own style and that is what makes it so fun and unique. Nations will continue to safely travel to communities in 2021 in respect to all Covid-19 rules. 

Kukwstsétsemc ~ Mähsį Cho ~ Hai Hai 

Thank you for following our journey.